OneMS is proud to partner with Verkada

Smarter Security, Safer Buildings

Verkada’s mission is to provide smarter security for safer buildings. Their solutions are designed to protect people, assets, and privacy at scale. With the trust of over 15,000 organisations, Verkada specialises in creating cutting-edge physical security solutions that seamlessly integrate into a single, cloud-based software platform. Their commitment to innovation ensures that you have the tools needed to secure your environment effectively, making your buildings and spaces safer for all.

Comprehensive Coverage, Uncompromised Detail

Experience comprehensive coverage without compromising on detail with Verkada’s latest innovation – the multisensor camera. 4 cameras in 1. Featuring four independent 5MP image sensors, this cutting-edge device delivers expansive coverage while maintaining high resolution and image clarity. With all these capabilities packed into a single unit, Verkada’s multisensor camera offers a versatile and efficient solution for capturing every detail in your surveillance needs.

OneMS are proudly working with Verkada

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